Essay about Human And Non Human Species

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Species formed a family with related kin but they have always lived along with both related and unrelated kin in the evolutionary history. From eusociality to primates there is a need for cooperation, form alliance, friendship, and help each other in order to survive starvation, establish a colony, and reproduction. In human and non-human species, the ancestors formed friendship/alliance even though there were some costs to them such as fighting for your friends and sharing resources. Evolved psychological mechanisms (EPM) along with other useful traits were passed down to solve a specific problem of survival or reproduction of a species. In the paper there will be discussions of ant queens form alliances and then become enemies, humans and non-humans can form same-sex and opposite-sex friendships, and also EPM existed to help species solve their problems.
In several ant species, two or more unrelated females may join forces to found a colony after they have mated. Reason why more than one queen joins forces to establish a new colony because finding and sustaining a new site is not an easy job. Therefore, two or more females are working together to establish a colony; having more than one queen, there will be less work because they share the work of reproducing and sustain a colony. It is important to have more than one founders of a colony because it is a great risk especially for reproducing. By joining an association with other queens, a queen can benefits from having…

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