Human And Non Human Learning Essay examples

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Human and Non-human Learning Learning (noun) knowledge or skills gained by studying. This is a lifelong process that equips one with experiences that stay with him/her for life. Throughout my school life I have had the pleasure of learning a great deal of skills and attitudes that have made me the rounded person I am today.

In high school I was exposed to Typewriting using the Almina Method, that is, typing using the qwerty keyboard where different fingers were used for different keys in typing the letters QAZ, WSX, EDC, RFVTGB and YHN, UJM, IK,, OL., P; to learn how to type accurately. Try as I may, I kept making mistakes which eventually grew to frustration. After many deliberate attempts I was finally getting the hang of it. Experience has proven that practice does not make perfect, but permanent.

Whenever I attempted to use the incorrect fingers or was lacking in posture, Miss Watson, my Typewriting teacher would use a wooden ruler to rap me on the knuckles; when this became ineffective she covered the keys and had me type whole sentences without making an error. The next step in my learning experience was to type while being blindfolded. Though it was tedious and frustrating at times, it has helped me to build character, learn to be patient and maintain good posture.

Today, I am grateful for the unorthodox, but very effective method of learning to use the keyboard. The learning experience gave me speed and has proven useful…

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