Essay on Human Activities And Its Effects On Global Warming

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The Earth’s climate is constantly changing. These changes result primarily because of the natural process where the Earth’s spheres interact with one another, however human activities are having a greater impact on global warming. There is evidence that human beings are changing Earth’s climate unnaturally. Ninety-Seven percent of scientist have agreed that global climate has undergone an irregular occurrence and changed drastically over the last 100 years so it can no longer be claimed as unimportant. The question now acknowledged by most scientist is how much human activities have affected our global climate and what can be done to save our planet or reverse its warming. Along with that question how much has our climate changed naturally or is it because of carelessness due to human activities?
About 150 years ago since humans began keeping temperature, it has risen a third of a degree Fahrenheit. Recorded high global temperatures have dominated the past two decades for both land and ocean. In 1998 it was recorded the most warmest year, and in 2001 was the second warmest. Richard Houghton and George Woodwell, climatologists described the present climate by stating “the world is warming and climate zones are shifting, glaciers are melting, and sea levels are rising.” Scientists expect over the next couple of years for the Earth to warm even more as carbon dioxide, methane, and other trace gases accumulates in the Earth’s…

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