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Similar illness in one community suggests that there must be a connection between the environment and the illnesses. Acting on that hunch, I would conduct interviews with the families and people that are affected. All ideas and procedures in this easy can be found in chapter 10. (Ruggiero, 2012). I would ask them when did the symptoms start and what their official diagnosis, if any, has their doctor gave them. The assumptions that the land itself has to be the source of the contamination could hinder the investigation. To critically think about the issue I will have to brainstorm some questions to be answered. What company or companies built the houses? Who was
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Even if the same contractor did not build all the houses, I must find out if the contractors may have used a common supplier.
All through the investigation, the symptoms and illness must match the possible causes. To critically think about the issue, all possibilities must be considered. It could be that two materials that by themselves are harmless, were used together to create a harmful environment. It is possible that the contractors may not want to speak about their practices concerning the development of this community. This would be the time to look for ex-employees to interview.
I may face criticism for my efforts to find the cause of the illnesses. The criticism may be very helpful to my investigation. No matter how much I think I am correct or perfect, there is always room for more information and improvement. I must take into consideration how my ideas match up with the information collected with both positive and negative feedback. Trying to save face and convincing people that my ideas are correct are not important. My curiosity will lead me to ask questions that lead to answers that lead to more questions. I will fight the erg to become trapped by my previous miscalculations. The facts in the case and the process of elimination will help lead the way. I must stay open to the possibilities that a previous eliminated cause or idea may still have a role to play in solving the problem.

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