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All quotations and references refer to “ Hulu: An Evil plot to Destroy the World” unless otherwise noted. 1) Hulu succeeded while everyone predicted its failure due to the following reasons:

* Hulu harnessed existing technologies namely online video and broadcast media to create a new platform that was “focused on helping users find and enjoy the world’s premium, professionally produced content when where and how they want it”. The platform brought together professional content owners/providers, advertisers and content consumers/users in a platform mediated network. * Rather than choose to be a destination site or syndicate content, Hulu chose to be both by being an aggregator of online video. There were web sites that did
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3) Input data -
Basic - Name, Gender, Age, marital status
Contact – address (state, city, zip code), phone number
Other- favourite genre, previous shows watched, sites visited previously, ratings of previous shows watched. a) BI techniques i) Using Market basket Analysis
Rule: if {Gender = female} then {watches real estate shows}
Action: Show Ad Selector for real estate companies and related products when a female user is on Hulu ii) Using Market basket Analysis
Rule: if {Married and Age>50 and lives in California} then {has watched >2 court shows in the past and previously visited a tax filing website}
Action: Approach tax filing website to place their advertisement on Hulu when court shows are playing. iii) Using user based Collaborative filtering
Rule: Find users ‘similar’ to current user by choosing those with the highest similarity coefficient between them and this user on the ratings of other shows. Use a combination of their similarity coefficients to predict current user’s rating for a crime show.
Action: if user’s predicted rating for the crime show is high, then

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