Essay about Huffman Trucking Change Request 3

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Service Request SR-ht-003
University of Phoenix
Team A
January 9, 2013
Ms. Sabella Falls

Service Request SR-ht-003 Change Request 3 Huffman Trucking is a large company and has been around since the early 1900’s. When the company started there was one tractor trailer and now the corporation has seen quite an extensive progression throughout the years. With several types of trailers and large employee base the company has spread out and has facilities located all across the country from New Jersey to California. Huffman Trucking Company consulted with another company known as Smith Systems Consulting to develop entities and attributes for a database for the fleet truck maintenance, but was unable to complete the job
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The normalization procedure will remove any anomalies and redundancies creating a database that is well merged and designed. The normalization will verify to be cost-effective by lowering memory space distribution by eradicating repeating data. Database normalization will also successfully store the data, thus decreasing CPU usage each time data lookup or queries are to be done on the tables. Proper memory allocation and reduced CPU cycles will make Huffman Trucking Company’s vehicle Huffman Trucking Company necessitates a normalized database to properly sustain a record of each of the vehicles in the fleet and of the parts required to maintain those vehicles. A record of the scheduled maintenance as well as any repairs made to each vehicle must be retained. This information is vital to Huffman Trucking not only for security and governing reasons but also for insurance purposes. Maintenance arrangement handling occurs within the database using the current query and report. Another advantage is the ability to generate ad-hoc reports and queries that will deliver cost analysis and allow Hoffman to calculate costs more efficiently. Huffman Trucking database running system can query whatever information the company requests at any given time, to create reports to plan future or forthcoming expenses. Specifically intended output reports have been designed for the Huffman Trucking

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