Huckleberry Finn - Thesis Essay

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Yakov Suleymanov
Senior thesis December 2008

Do you think you have role models in your life? Someone you can look up to and say “I Want to be like him”. If yes, first of all you have to ask yourself what is a role model? A role Model is a person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another
Person to emulate. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Twain shows us two
Sides of the coin by putting good role models for huck such as: Judge Thatcher, Widow Douglas,
And many more. On the other side he shows us also bad examples of role models, characters like
Pap, the king, and
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Those who take the opportunity in two hands
And put time and effort to their studies, succeed, earn a degree and living up the American
Dream to its full extent. Twain shows that Pap is influencing huck negatively by forcing him to
Quit school. Huck decides to run away from home and during his adventure in the Mississippi
River he meets two characters calling themselves the king and the duke. They joining huck and
Jim for the rest of the journey. Those two cons are full of lies and dirty little tricks and no one
Really knows much about them. As Judith Fetterley states in her journal “Disenchantment: Tom
Sawyer in Huckleberry Finn”: “the duke and king at least are honest with themselves. They
Know very well what they are and what they are doing; they have no delusions. The roles they
Adopt are strategies to gull others, not postures which they themselves believe in. further, they
Do not have the language of morality. They never claim that what they are doing is right. The
Only legitimization they even faintly suggest-and it is in some ways a fair one-is that it is
People’s stupidity and hypocrisy, their insatiable demand for sensation, which supports them”
(73-74). Fetterley tells us that the king and the duke probably worked together before they met
Huck and Jim. They had everything planed and they knew about the prize they could earn

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