Huckleberry Finn Packet Essay

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HReview Question Chapters 1-20 Huckleberry Finn

Chapters 1-3 1. What doesn’t Huck like about the Widow Douglas?
The fact that she makes him wear new clothes that are tight and she wont let him smoke and he had to pray before he ate his food.

2. What does Jim think has happened to him as a result of the trick that Tom plays on him?
Jim was sleeping when they snuck out, so Tom played a trick by placing his hat on the branch above his head; when Jim woke up, he told everyone that a witch flew him all over town and then placed his hat up there.

3. How does Huck know the drowned body that was found is not his Pap?
Huck says that a man would float on his back, and not on his face, unlike that drowned person. 4. When Tom’s
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Because he heard that he was going to be sold to a slave trader

2. What does Jim discover in the house that is floating down the river?
A body of a man who got shot in the back

3. What prank does Huck play on Jim and how does it backfire? He outs a dead snake next to Jim, but a real snake comes and bites him.

4. What does Huck learn about Jim from his visit with Ms. Loftus? That there is a $300 reward for turning Jim in. They blame Jim for the murder of Huck.

5. How does Mrs. Loftus figure out that Huck is not a girl?
She asks Huck for his name again. Huck replies, "M -- Mary Williams." Realizing he has made a mistake, he says that his full name is Sarah Mary Williams. The woman tosses Huck a hank of yarn and Huck closes his legs together and catches it. The woman immediately knows that he is a boy and not a girl because girls will catch things in their skirts by spreading their legs apart, whereas boys put them together to grasp an item.

6. How does Huck feel about not turning Jim in? Why do you think he feels that way? He feels good because he kept the promise to not turn him in

7. How would you characterize Jim’s predictions in these chapters? Does the reader get any sense of which ones will come true and which will not?
I think Jim's predictions in these chapters are mere superstition and not really true. I don’t think the reader senses which one will come true and which one will not because none of Jim’s predictions

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