Essay on Huckleberry Finn By William Twain

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“ It was a drift-canoe sure enough, and I climb in and paddled to shore,” thinks I, the old man when he see this-she’s worth ten dollars.”

Clearing up the river Huck says, “I need’s to get some food and go to Miss Watson’s.”

Assuming that even going to Miss.Watson would serve Huck better in the ending, then living with Pap.

“Oh jee there is a boat in the river with food.”

“There is some food,”,” good”.”” Huck says.

“ But Pap is coming I need to get out of here,”

Huck gets the food quickly and races out of the sight of Pap.

Finalley! Huck said. “I’m out of sight of Pap.”

Even though Huck was out of sight, he knew that Pap would still be looking for him so he gains a high tempo and keeps running.

Exhausted huck says, “ I can barely breath so much sweat, and oh so much humanity.”

Finally after running for a good deal of time Huck takes a break, “ Ha ha my throat feels as if it were tied up with a rope.”

Feeling a slow breeze come into the air, Huck starts to cool down and relaxes his muscles.

“My muscles feel as if they were just pulled apart and put together again.”

After resting for a bit Huck get’s back up and starts to walk, knowing that he is far enough that he doesn’t need to run any more.

“Oh how there is more grass, than my eye can see.”

“Oh”,” how my heart feels as if it is intertwined with my body after that long run.”

Huck keeps walking at a constant, fixed pace until the sun starts to go down.

“I er see the sun go down, I better…

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