Huck Finn And Jim's Relationship Analysis

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In the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main character Huck Finn and escaped slave Jim take a journey down the Mississippi River in attempts to start a new life and live free of the judgement and ridicule of society. Along the way, Huck and Jim create a bond that is unlike anything either has ever had. Huck’s poor relationship with his father makes him want to fill that void in his life with someone who he loves and sees as a true father. Huck relies on Jim for guidance, protection, and advice throughout the voyage in order for them to both successfully obtain what they need to continue, while making sure that Jim does not get caught as a runaway slave. Because of Huck's poor circumstances with his father, the way Jim shields Huck …show more content…
The purpose of their journey is to ride the Mississippi River down to the city of Cairo, from which they will take a ferry up the Ohio River. Once up the Ohio a ways, they will get off in the free states and make enough money to buy Jim’s family so they can live together. During the night of the fog, they pass the city of Cairo without noticing and they don’t find out about this happening until they are too far down the river to turn back (page 91). Huck and Jim realize that their plan will not happen, but Jim is still determined to ride the raft with Huck wherever it may take them. Even as they head further and further south into states where slavery is widespread, Jim stays with Huck and still unselfishly protects him. Jim also shows his loyalty when they are in the barn at the end of the book. Tom Sawyer insists that they put Jim through hardships and obstacles to make it seem like real jail for him. Huck doesn’ agree with their actions, but he goes along with it to make Tom feel satisfied. Even though Jim has to put up with all of the challenges, he goes along with it because he knows that Tom enjoys it and he doesn’t want to see Huck’s friend be upset. Tom’s unselfish acts throughout the story show that he cares for Huck deeply and would rather have something bad happen to himself than

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