Hubspot Case Analisys Essay

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Hubspot Case Analisys


HubSpot is a new company founded in 2006 by visionaries’ entrepreneurs. They sell not only a service product which provides technological tools and offers business solutions; they also sale a system a new concept of how to do business. Any business needs from marketing along with communication strategies to have certain contact with people that eventually become potential customers. Contacts promote sales. Traditionally marketing was employed through traditional communication techniques such as: Tele marketing, Direct Mail, Person-to-Person through salesmen and so forth. These traditional ways of do marketing are called Outbound Marketing.

Hubspot emerge from a total opposite concept, which is
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They also need to explore the price of competitors to avoid losses of accounts and to harm the total market pricing strategy. As mentioned Price sensitivity is a crucial factor.

Evaluate their membership program- they can consider develop a different packages or products that fits the client necessity. Maybe they can keep more accounts by making longer contracts with less fees and limiting. Since technology as Web 2.0 is flexible towards client needs Why not be flexible to fit in all kind of budgets?

Analyze workforce and capability – Located in such a place fulfilled with the greatest talents of America, maybe is time to search for talents in local Universities. An internship program with students can help to integrate newer ideas and at a lower cost.

In worst-case scenario choose the best combination- if the previous alternatives were not enough to convince Management, and still need to make a downsizing in service offer, the best combination is Mary with B2B. In the short story of data raised by the company, Mary along with the B2B was the more consistent member. They also represent the largest companies from their portfolio which also means they have more acquisitive power. They composition make them stronger be in vulnerable economies and guarantee a financial stability. This means that portfolio should be always growing in this segment.

In other hand big companies demand more resources berore, during and

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