Hub Mccann : A Man Of The Age 73 Essay

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Hub McCann is a man of the age 73 based on him being in his thirties during his adventures. He is a widower, whose wife died in childbirth and has not been in a relationship since; he claims that she was his one and only true love. Mr. McCann lives with his brother Garth, great nephew Walter, five dogs, various farm animals, and a lioness named after his late wife. Hub is not in the greatest heath, rarely eating fruits and vegetables and always eating red meats and fish caught in their lake. He was hospitalized for overexertion when lifting 50 pound bags of lion chow and left without the proper treatment. The brothers seem to be living a long life after surviving their ordeals they were faced with in their thirties.
Hub has been sleepwalking ever since Jasmine, his wife, passed away and sometimes just stares out into the lake seeming to remember their short time together. Other times, Hub sword fights, wanders around the grounds, or gets woken up by Walter or Garth. Hub has amnesia after his episodes although he does know about his nightly ventures. Nor does he remember what he was dreaming or thinking about during the episodes. When he does get woken up, he asks why the brother and boy are outside at that hour and that they need to go inside before they get cold. Hub cares about their well-being, but does not seem to be concerned about himself. When he does go back to bed and wakes up in the morning, he complains about his aching muscles and the new mattress not doing its…

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