Essay on Huawei : Cisco 's Chinese Challenger

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Case 6 – Huawei: Cisco’s Chinese Challenger

1) Describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by Huawei as it ventured into international markets? (SWOT Model)
Looking from the corporate, Huawei as evolved as one leading competitors of the world, the following are the SWOT analysis of Huawei:
Strengths: a) Leader in 3G technologies based on the number of contracts gained. b) Low cost pricing strategy and low operating costs. c) Hiring local people in a region which is a Huawei’s strategy to change technologies and services according to customer needs in that region. d) Spending substantial amount on R&D and acquiring highly talented labour resulted in very impressive record of patent ownership. e) Strategy of combining its marketing and R&D staff which is a key for developing products and improving services that can lure service providers and telephone companies.
Weaknesses: a) Due to more expansion of the business in different locations, challenges occur more. b) Difficulty in stepping into developed countries. c) Small service base of people. d) The network chosen in developed countries was still Cisco because of Huawei’s less focus on Network security. e) Was not able to capture the technological hub and adapt the local culture in United States.
Opportunities: a) Developing TD-LTE technique for the Chinese market. b) Creating more of strategic leadership by getting into ventures and then expanding the business. c) Using the internet technology to…

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