Hsm430 Course Project Essay

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Final Course Project This report was written to provide the reader with a demographic profile and a brief overview of the healthcare organizations, as well as informed them of the potential healthcare needs one might anticipate in this geographic area of Valley, Alabama. Not only that, it will also discuss the marketing analysis that will identify a specific proposed healthcare service for Lanier Hospital which is a cancer treatment center. It will also go in great detail about the overall marketing goals for the cancer treatment center that is being added to Lanier Hospital. It will also identify specific marketing objectives in the target market. Last but not least, it will make mention of the marketing plan that will give identify …show more content…
Healthcare Organizations in Valley, Alabama There are quite a few health organizations in the area. However, the three main organizations that will be discussed in this analysis are Lanier Hospital, Lanier Urgent Care and Medical Pavilion, and The Alsobrook Counseling Center.
Lanier Hospital is the only hospital in the city. Therefore their vision and goal is to provide high quality health services through the efficient and effective use of our resources (Lanier Health Services, 2012). Over the years Lanier has enhanced the ability to treat all types of illness. The next health organization is Lanier Urgent Care and Medical Pavilion. The purpose of this organization is to prevent so many people from going to the ER and having to sit there for a long period of time before being seen by a doctor. Last but not least is The Alsobrook Counseling Center. This center provides mental help to people that need it. After doing this demographic research on Valley, Alabama it showed me that potential healthcare and utilization and health behaviors has improved. This means that a lot of people are taking advantage of the free health care fairs that take place here every year which is good. I personally think that because this is taking place that use of healthcare will continue to grow. One of the needed health care services in

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