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HIM 2110


HIM 2110 - Concepts & Principles of HIM
AHIMA Website Exploration

2.What year was AHIMA founded? AHIMA was founded in 1928. For what purpose was it founded at that time? AHIMA was founded to help improve health record quality. What are AHIMA’s Mission, Vision and Values? AHIMA leads the health informatics and information management community to advance professional practice and standards.AHIMA is working to promote this mission through: Informatics: Transforming data into Health Intelligence
Leadership: Developing HIM leaders across all healthcare sectors
Information Governance: Being recognized as the health industry experts in information governance
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• Health issues, disease, and care quality transcend national borders. AHIMA’s professional interest is in the application of best health information management practices wherever they are needed.
QUALITY: Demonstrated by an abiding commitment to innovation, relevance and continuous improvement in programs, products and services.
INTEGRITY: Demonstrated by openness in decision-making, honesty in communication and activity, and ethical practices that command trust and support collaboration.
RESPECT: Demonstrated by appreciation of the value of differing perspectives, enjoyable experiences, courteous interaction, and celebration of achievements that advance our common cause.
LEADERSHIP- Demonstrated by visionary thinking, decisions responsive to membership and mission, and accountability for actions and outcomes.
Along the top (under Who We Are), click on Strategy. What is the title of AHIMA’s Strategic Plan? Read about it to gain knowledge in this area. Drive the Power of Knowledge- Health Information Where and When It’s Needed
The AHIMA Code of Ethics serves seven purposes – What are they?
• Promotes high standards of HIM practice.
• Identifies core values on which the HIM mission is based.
• Summarizes broad ethical principles that reflect the profession's core values.
• Establishes a set of ethical principles to be used to guide decision-making and actions.
• Establishes a framework for professional

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