HSER 511 Support Group Report Essay

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Support Group Report

Support Group Report

In this paper, I will be discussing my finding in Overeaters Anonymous support group. I will enlighten the reader further by providing knowledge of the topic. The purpose of the OA meetings and objective will be included along with the support groups dynamics and demographics. I will be incorporating my observations from the Corey video and the reading. The working stage of group development along with the leader’s behavior during sessions.

Dynamics and Demographics
I attended an OA support group at the Anuvia Prevention Center located on 100 Billingsley Road in the Horizon Room. I obtained permission from the leader of the OA
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I observed that each Saturday during group sessions the women outnumbered the men tremendously. I found it very interesting that the men had more to share about their experience of different patterns of food behaviors than women. The bible speaks in James 5: 16 “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” (ESV) This scripture certainly speaks to the subject at hand, in session members shared their feelings and thoughts and gave feedback. Support Group
The OA support group was based more off the literature and carrying the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps. During my observations I acknowledged each member reading paragraphs in rounds according to the assigned reading for that particular Saturday. Often the members would read a section then comment on what the portion they read and what it meant to them during their recovery process. I think the leader did a great job by creating the therapeutic climate and maintain the groups focus. The leader showed authority when needed which happened mostly during cross talk which is not tolerated in during session. The leader did a great job with creating the right atmosphere where members and newcomers felt safe to share their thoughts and feelings. I shared my struggle with food that occurred during the summer which the doctor mentioned could

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