Essay about Hrm500 Week 6 Discussion Hrm 500 Week 6 Discussion

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HRM 500 HRM500 Complete Course Week 1-11

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Discussion 1
"HRM and Organizational Performance" Please respond to the following:
From the scenario, propose two strategies that you as an HR manager will use to determine if employees have the specific skills needed to fill a position.
•Select one (1) of the following functional areas of Human Resources that you would consider pursuing as a career: Employment, Employee Relations, Training/Development, Compensation, Benefits, or Labor Relations.
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Predict two (2) ways that the shift will impact current employees, and provide a rationale for your prediction. Next, recommend key ways that you as an HR manager can help make this change successful."
Examine two (2) external forces that have caused some companies to move portions of their operations offshore. Determine the major implications that offshoring has for the employees of the organization. Outline the primary steps an organization could take to avoid offshoring work. HRM500 Week 3 Discussion
"Job Analysis and Work/Life Balance" Please respond to the following:
From the e-Activity, examine two (2) methods of job analysis described in the video. Propose two (2) ways that you as an HR professional would use each method of job analysis to create a job description, develop a selection process, develop a training program, and create the performance appraisal.
• From the scenario, propose two (2) work/life balance programs that will support these professionals, and determine how you would ascertain the needs of the workplace.
HRM500 Week 4 Discussion 1 and 2
Discussion 1
"From the eActivity, determine three (3) disadvantages resulting from placing the right people into the wrong jobs. Next, provide three (3) HRM selection decisions that an organization can use to mitigate this issue. Justify your response."
"Determine the top two

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