Hrm Practices of the Mcdonald’s Chain Essay

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This report was written in order to identify the HRM practices of the McDonald’s chain. Moreover, the choice of the company, its market and its current global position was approached in the purpose to outline the importance of the company.
The report was focus on McDonald’s to evaluate the change needed to the future regarding the current approach to HRM. Also, staffing issues were considering within McDonald’s as a part of any future decision on continuing global expansion.
To build this report, was using first hand research from academic sources, secondary articles from newspapers, journal, videos and web site and finally knowledge about Human Resource Management and McDonald’s policies.
The main findings of the report were
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While some authors, such as Watson and Littlejohn (1992, cited in Boella and Goss-Turner, 2005), thought only of three categories, ethnocentric, polycentric and geocentric. Figure 1.0 EPRG framework and companies size
In any case, geocentric approach is used for the giants of fast food. Hill (2005) states that the geocentric approach focuses on recruitment, integration, training and performance of worldwide employees within the purpose of following a global or transnational strategy to give the best possible experience to the staff. In addition, Sharan (2009:411) argues that the recruitment is targeted “irrespective of [the] nationally; from the home country, host country, or from a third country”. This approach is the most attractive for the McDonald’s chain because it ensures the creation of a strong cultural and informal management network, in order to give an equal opportunity for everyone. Nevertheless, according to Bowie and Buttle (2004) the geocentric approach is not easy for dealing with the government knowing, that the company has to abide by rules and by a range of conditions in different countries, giving a worldwide orientation of the country. Besides, McDonald’s tries to face this issue in order to manage efficiently the diversified workforce. For instance, Motwani et al. (1993:1) said notably that “[program created by McDonald’s] have effected change in the culture of the

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