Hrm Practices in Marcantile Bank Ltd Essay

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“Design A Smart Appraisal System for Modern Organization”

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Khan Sarfaraj Ali
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Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)

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Md. Mamun Hossain
Personnel Management
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Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)

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August 02, 2009

Table of contents

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01 Introductory Discussion 1
02 Methods of performance Appraisal
03 Traditional Methods of Performance Appraisal
04 Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal
05 Performance Appraisal Review Form
06 Conclusion
07 Bibliography
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360 Degree Appraisals method is now largely in use throughout the world .it requires performance feedback from all important stakeholders of the organization, like the rate himself, his superiors ,peers ,other team members , customers and suppliers . Apart from its effectiveness in reporting performance, this method also ensures total employee involvement (TEI) and employee empowerment


Performance Means the degree or extent with which an employee applies his skill, knowledge, and effort to a job, assigned to him and the result of that application.

Performance Appraisal means analysis, review or evaluation of performance or behavior analysis of an employee. It may be either formal or informal appraisal, oral, or documented, open or confidential. In other way it is therefore a formal process to evaluate the performance of the employees in terms of achieving organizational objectives.

Performance appraisal helps in understanding the attributes and behaviors of employees. it is necessary for motivation , communication, strengthen superior –subordinate relationship, target fixing , work planning , and for improving the overall performance of the organization.

Functions of Performance Appraisal
• To identify and define the specific job criteria
• To measure and compare the performance in terms of the definite job

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