Hrm Motivation Essay

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Employee is motivated to increase their job performances. The questions are what motivation is and why it is important to motivate employee in workplace? Over the last twenty decades, motivation is number one factor in increasing level of performance. It is operationally defined as inner force that drives individuals to accomplish personal and organizational goals. In other words, motivated employees are needed in our rapidly changing workplaces. This is because every individual or employee needs motivation and so do organization. Employee who is highly motivated will help him achieve his personal goals and increase his job satisfaction and productive.
Islam R and Hj Ismail A.Z (2008), based the study of Employee
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In this section, the paper is going to define the topic variable regarding about “motivation”. It influences what is the mechanism to motivation employee in the organization to be productive. There many definition on “motivation”. But actually we could find similar definition in every term by those previous researchers. According to a conference paper from Capacity Development Group, Bureau for Development Policy, United Nations Development Programme (2006), and Motivation can be at different levels – individual, organizational and societal. Individuals are driven by their own desires and moral believes.
The term motivation derives from the latin word ‘movere’ which mean to move. Today context, the motivation represents those psychological processes that can the cause the stimulation, encouragement, direction and persistence by voluntary actions that the goal is already been set. T.R Michell, (1982 ).
The researchers have proposed two general categories of motivation theories to explain the psychological processes essential the employee motivation. There are content theories and process theories. The content theories of motivation focus on identifying internal factors such as instinct, need, satisfaction and job characteristic that enhance employee motivation in the organization. These theories do not explants how the motivation is influenced

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