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The Phrase ‘commitment’ is frequently used by HRM practitioners in the control of absenteeism and its contribution to business objectives. Evaluate the evidence to reinforce commitment and reduce absenteeism.

Mowday et al have defined organizational commitment as “ the relative strength of an individual’s identification with an involvement in an organization”

(Chapter 7 Attitudes at work, Page no, 265 Work Psychology, Understanding Human Behaviour in the Workplace by John Arnold (ft) fourth edition)

Commitment is very powerful human concept as if a person is committed to an organization; therefore he or she has a strong identification with it and will turn out to be a long-term employee for the organization. Sir
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Nothing can stop voluntary absence, as it is because of serious illness or accident but involuntary absence can be controlled because the reasons for involuntary absence can be reduced. As involuntary absence is time taken off by the staff for doing something else.

From above it is clear that for an organization to be successful it has to reduce absenteeism. So what an organization can do to reduce absenteeism? More committed employees reduce the absenteeism in an organization. Commitment can also be seen as someone’s loyalty towards a cause or person. In terms of HRM commitment is when an employee do what an organization expect from him to do at his best level. HRM regards commitment to reduce absenteeism.

There are many HRM models presented by different practitioners such as Guest, Storey, and Beer et al etc. They all state in their models how HRM should aim the aims and policies.

We can now look at the Guest’s model of HRM and Guest goals of HRM to see how HRM can fulfill the need to an organization and its employees.

Guest Model of HRM

Model adapted from Dr Peter Prowse’s lectures slides on control and commitment, HRM model, Lecture 3 of human resource management

Guest Goals of HRM

Strategic Integration

To integrate HR with the organizational strategy

High Commitment

Making the

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