Hrm 531 Final Exam Essay example

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1) Distrust, disrespect, and animosity pertain to which component of indirect costs associated with mismanaged organizational stress?

A. Quality of work relations pg 44

B. Participation and membership

C. Performance on the job

D. Communication breakdowns

2) Inventory shrinkages and accidents pertain to which component of direct costs associated with mismanaged organizational stress?

A. Employee conflict

B. Performance on the job pg 44

C. Loss of vitality

D. Communication breakdowns

3) Thousands of equal-pay lawsuits have been filed, predominantly by ___________ since the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was passed

A. women pg 80

B. African Americans

C. the elderly

D. Americans with disabilities
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D. General

22) In the new world of career management, the primary goal is to provide which of the following for employees?

A. Rising aspirations

B. Executive ranking

C. Psychological success pg 378

D. Time off when they need it

23) At a broad level, _____ includes anything an employee values and desires that an employer is able and willing to offer in exchange for employee contributions

A. a competency-based pay system

B. an employee stock ownership plan

C. an organizational reward system pg 420

D. a merit-pay method

24) This benefit, tied mostly to profitability and promising better job security, but not guaranteeing it, is at the center of the evolving bonus system

A. Contribution-based pay

B. Competency-based pay

C. Skill-based pay

D. Flexible pay pg 419

25) Financial rewards include direct payments plus indirect payments in the form of what?

A. Individual equity

B. Corporate compensation

C. Spot awards

D. Employee benefits pg 420

26) Which law offers full coverage for retirees, dependent survivors, and disabled persons insured by 40 quarters of payroll taxes on their past earnings or earnings of heads of households?

A. Federal Unemployment Tax Act

B. Social Security Act pg 466

C. Workers' compensation

D. Employee Retirement Income Security Act

27) Plans are known as _____ when the employees share in the cost of the premiums


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