Hrm 420 Complete Class Week 1-5 / Assignments and Dqs Essay

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HRM 420 Complete Class Week 1-5 / Assignments and DQs

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HRM 420 – Human Resource Risk Seminars
Week 1 Individual Paper Human Resource Risk Seminars (Appendix A)Resources: Appendix A, the Internet, and helpful Web sites: Research several different HR risk management seminars Summarize at least five different seminars (these may be presented by the same company). Identify the HR risks the seminar features. Create at least three questions per risk factor you want the seminar to answer.
HRM 420 – Mandatory (Legally Required)
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Fill out Appendix B, Contingency Plan Evaluation, using the information found in your search. Post your assignment as a Microsoft® Word attachment
HRM 420 – HR Management Strategy Plan
Week 5 Team Paper HR Management Strategy Plan Design an HR risk management strategy plan for your chosen Baderman Island company using Appendix C as a guide. Summarize the following in your plan: Risk assessment and management program Health and safety programs Succession plan Crisis contingency plan
HRM 420 – Risk Management Strategy
Week 2 Individual Risk Management Strategy Create a PowerPoint® presentation of 8–10 slides outlining a socially responsible risk management strategy for a company with which you are familiar. Summarize the following: Goals of risk management Identification applicable risk factors Strategies for managing each risk factor Plan for continued monitoring and adjustment Social implications and responsibilities Post as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® attachment.

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HRM420 / HRM 420 / Week 1 DQs

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HRM420 / HRM 420 / Week 5 DQs
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