HRIS Essay

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Assignment #2 – Determining HRIS Needs

Tammy Cochran

HRM 520

Dr. DeLeon

November 6, 2012

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) have become one of the most important tools for many businesses. The purposes of HR planning are to enable organizations to anticipate their future HRM needs and to identify practices that will help them to meet those needs. HR planning may be done on a short- or long-term (three or more years) basis. Its aim is to ensure that people will be available with the appropriate characteristics and skills when and where the organization needs them.

The types of changes and new developments in
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There are three critical sources of data gathering initiatives for an HRIS needs analysis and each of them will be highlight in term of advantages as well as disadvantages. They are interviews, focus groups, and surveys and online tools. First, interviews are formally done face-to-face between an interviewer and the interviewee (s). Interviews are the primary technique for information gathering during the systems analysis phases of a development project of the organization. According to Kavanagh, Thite, and Johnson (2012), suggested that the people that are being interview should be people that are expert in functional or technical areas (p. 109). They can also be top managers, consultant, and supervisors. The advantages of interviews are that the interviewer has the power of selecting the interviewees, can gain a better understanding of what can be expected from an interview of a person at a specific level, know how to verify the information received from an interview, and understanding the perspective of the person being interviewed. The disadvantages of interviews are that the documentation of the interviews can be tedious and sometimes boring to endure. Also, the interviewer must be skillful in distinguished facts and opinions. Second, the focus groups can be another great source of data gathering.
The advantages of the focus

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