Hre 2723 Essay

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You are to answer the following questions:
1 – What is your definition of leadership after completing this course? I believe that my general view of leadership has not changed over this course, however, before I had a very vague concept of what leaders do and how they act but not an in-depth perspective of the exact characteristics that they possess and how they use them to better themselves as well as their followers. Through this course I have been able to see how different people view leadership and the strengths and ethics that people feel are essential for the people to be successful leaders. This course has been very beneficial for me as a leader for several
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While I was going through the transfer process from a junior college in California a huge deciding for me to come to LSU was the prestige that came with the Army ROTC program and the great history of the school with molding great military leaders. After joining the organization I began to quickly understand the importance of great leadership and how much it can make a difference, both positive and negative. I have seen an array of leadership through ROTC, some being much more effective than others, however they were all lessons for me to base my future leadership characteristics after. As I progressed through the program I began to become closer with a senior that was making an extremely positive impact in ROTC when it was becoming popular to become complacent. He held the characteristics that I find extremely important to leadership, especially in the military that is leadership orientated in all aspects. After seeing the impact he had on other cadets and how he had a positive influence on their performance as a cadet and future officer, I realized that I need to work to have the same effect on future cadets. Next semester I will be a junior and will began having a high leadership position in ROTC that will have an enormous effect on the incoming cadets as well as my peers in

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