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1. 1. Introduction
ICM Communication PLC is an organization that provides creative solutions for developmental, governmental, non-governmental organizations and UN agencies. The organization is a private limited company registered under the Ethiopian business law on March 2011. Although a fairly young organization, ICM has made its name in brand development, graphic design, creation of promotional materials and printing in the Addis Ababa and Ethiopia market.

ICM utilizes sustainable communication methods when providing services to clients. Sustainable communication is about making the best possible use of people and money to deliver maximum impact from minimum resources. It is the Perfect approach to take any organization cares
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1.1 Firm Information

ICM Communication
Address Gurdshola, near Ethio-ceramic building
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Telephone +251 116 67 66 44
Name Suleiman Shifaw
Designation Managing/creative Director
Telephone +251 911 83 65 82
Education B.F.A., Graphic Design, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA B.F.A., Painting, Morgan State University, Graduated Cum Laude Baltimore, MD
Experience year 15
Area of Expertise Brand Development
Graphic Design
Project Management
No of regular staff 23
No of part-time staff 5+
Total 28+
Professional staff with technical background 9
Professional staff with creative background 8
Administrative/support staff 6
Date of establishment March 16, 2011

1.2 Management Structure of ICM
The firm is comprised of professionals with different educational backgrounds and sets of skills. Projects are accomplished through collaborative work of the creative and technical professionals with the support of the administrative staff. Projects that need special sets of skills and knowledge are outsourced to ICM consultants for excellence output. The managing director oversees projects and has the last say on final products, while the creative work is done

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