Essay on Hr Planning at Qantas

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1. Introduction Page 4 1.1. Objective of Report
1.2. Background 1.3. Definition of Key Report Terms
2. Main Report Page 5 2.1. Strategic Choices for HR Planning at Qantas 2.2. Maintaining Employee Commitment Page 10
3. Conclusion Page 13
4. References Page 14

1.1 Objective
This report has been commissioned to discuss the challenges faced by Qantas in 2011 and to evaluate the strategic choices made by the company from a theoretical and practical perspective in relation to HR Planning. The report also makes recommendations on how to maintain the commitment of employees while implementing HR Planning.
1.2 Background
In 2011, Australian based
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For example by changing the maintenance operations processes, by allowing pilots to complete some of the checks previously completed by engineers and giving other engineering tasks to new, lower licence holder employees. This strategy addressed the need for change in organisational structure and the need for changes to the quantity and skill level of employees. It also included the outsourcing of some tasks, such as baggage handling.
So once this new strategy was agreed, following the steps of the HR Planning process Qantas would have reviewed the external and internal environmental issues along with the new company strategy, and forecasted the future labour force needs. The result, even with the increased Asia focus, was that there was an excess of labour supply versus demand. The overall number of positions to become redundant numbered 1,000 (out of a workforce of around 36,000) mostly consisting of management, pilot, cabin crew and engineering positions, although the company CEO said compulsory redundancies would be minimised (Qantas, 2011).
The reasons why labour supply was greater than demand included: * The partner arrangements with other airlines, reducing the need for as many Qantas aircraft, pilots and crew; * Replacing older aircraft with fewer, bigger aircraft, again reducing the overall number of aircraft required on many routes reducing the need for

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