Hr Manager Essay

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1) Collaborative:
Building a trust relationship between your team, Talking to them to gain confidence, Listen to their secretive issues and try to share your own experiences, Increasing the motivation between the team to develop the HR department outcome.
2) Personally Credible:
Developing skills and capabilities to deliver support for organization, Sharing own experience and studies to support the HR Team & Listening to the HR team feedback to start the plan in modifying yourself.
3) Skilled influencer:
Developing the work area skills by adding your own experience, Accepting the opinions that could affects the work environments, managing yourself upwards, explain the difficult cases and issues in a understandable and easy way to let
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8) Driven to deliver:
Setting long and short term plan to deliver the goals and tasks, Prioritize the tasks and goals according to urgency and importance, Motivation and encouragement to achieve goals and tasks above the expected, Delivering tasks in a good quality and the idle standards, Tracking the progress of tasks to avoid any conflicts and to be sure that the tasks been completed in a high standard of quality to increase the organization reputation.

Professional Area
Employee Relations:

Is the relationship between the employees and organization in many areas and fields and to explain all the details that may help the employees to be familiar to the company policy and procedure.

Employee relations team setting a method communication to be able to communicate with the organization employees in a easy way and avoid any conflicts and any miss understanding.
Communicating with all the organization (Senior Managers, line Managers and Employees).
Collecting all the employees’ necessary data, documents, Contract and information to be more familiar with the employees.
Supporting the organization Managers with the Legal advice to avoid the conflict that may happens.
Mobilize the new employees to their work station and to be well oriented on the company policy and procedure.
Supporting in the optimization in organization chart.
Building relationship with the organization employees to assess and judge any coming situation in

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