Hr Management Interview Essay

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Human Resource Management Interview

Everyone that has a job that has at least one or two challenges a day, but in the human resource department I am sure that they deal with more than two issues on a daily basis. Their job as well as our jobs has some form of difficulty in it. For example the HRM job may be difficult mentally and other jobs may be difficult physically as well as mentally. Human resource management is the term used to refer to the philosophy, policies, procedures, and practices related to the management of people within an organization. After interviewing an employer and reading the information from the text book pertaining Human Resource Management they were quite similar. HRM is a job that requires much detail and
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On a job such as retail the cashier may think that the manager does not see them as helpful and look at them as well they are just cashiers. It is a give or take type situation a lot of people feel that way but everyone has to learn how to look past their ways and learn to work together and appreciate their sources. Another issue she addressed was that since each employee views their issue/concern as urgent requiring immediate attention, prioritizing can be challenging. Dealing with the concerns takes time and patience by the employer as well as the HR, in order to get the job done right and effectively. After this interview I perceived her job as hard work because having someone nagging about their concerns or having to deal with daily issue that arise in the workplace is a big challenge, but it seem like it would be an interesting job to have if one likes to take on a challenge. When talking about HRM in the text, it is very detailed and has a lot of information for anyone who would be interested in pursing a career in that field. HRM is the systematic planning, development, and control of a network of interrelated processes affecting and involving all members of an organization. All of the HR departments are planned developed and implemented through the combined efforts of all managers and human resources specialists-in an organization. The planning process varies from organization to organization and plays an important part of their job. The

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