Essay about Hr Intergation with Cultural

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HR and Integration Contribute Organizational Culture to Google, Scripps and UPS Success
MSL660 Human Resource Management
Billy Manning
Belhaven University
Dr. Adam

Google over the years have developed a working relationship with HR and the organizational culture that has made them a leading competitor in their marketplace as well as a successful one. At Google one can see how organizational culture and HR strategy contributed to their success. For example, the human capital which is the collective value of the capabilities, knowledge, skills, life experiences, and the motivation of an organizational workforce. Google bring aboard people who are intellectual favoring ability over experience. The organization’s mission,
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HR integration with the organizational culture establishes strategic goals and objectives. When Scripps merged, HR was at the table placing emphasis on bringing the two cultures together. This is HR in a strategic role integrating with the cultures to bring about successful results. This is one of the difficult tasks to do when there is a merger. HR guide the organizational culture with emphasis on eight core values, and the workforce maintain them. Organizations that are ethical in how it operates have longer term success (Mathis & Jackson, 2011, p. 15). At Scripps HR focuses on supporting recruiting, talent management, organizational design, and long term strategic growth.
UPS integration with organizational culture has brought about a unique capability that created high value and differentiates them from other competitors in the marketplace. For example, they are recognizing for their corporate integrity, culture, and human resource’s inclusion with the workforce. UPS also as part of their strategy to compete successfully, survive, and grow integrated business objectives with their human resource, and constantly communicate by way of social networking to make certain their employees are kept in the loop on what is happening in terms of business objectives and workforce challenges. This organizational behavior led to a successful company. UPS through integration of HR and organizational culture has contributed to its success by

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