Hr Functions That Support an Organisation's Performance Essay

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HR functions that support an organisation's performance.

Human resources is an important asset to any organisation. HR professionals contribute to the planning and strategy of the business they are part of. They follow an organisation's vision and have a responsibility in delivering the best results for the business. Human resources is a complex department with various functions. I would like to discuss three of the functions what impact they have on a business's performance.
The first one I would like to discuss is recruitment. According to Leatherbarrow et al (2010, cited Beardwell et al 2007, p190) "the recruitment and selection process is concerned with identifying, attracting and choosing suitable people to meet an
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People who are well trained and motivated increase an organisation's profile by doing their job best of their ability or become people who are willing to go going that extra mile. Also Leatherbarrow et al (2010, p.201) think that it "produces continuous psychological growth". Therefore it's very important to keep employees up to date with their training and also plan their future development as it is one of the main factors why a company succeeds.
The third activity would be performance management.
Leatherbarrow defines (2010, p.224, cited Armstrong and Baron 1998) performance management as "a process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance". This is about ensuring that employees improve their performance and a company giving incentives to motivate this. Each company will have different schemes related to pay increases and benefits. I believe performance management is an important activity in an organisation because it can help an employee stay focused and motivated, whether it's giving a good feedback or a pay rise. It is crucial to motivate the employees and this HR activity ensures this happens on a regular basis. This way an employee is recognised, has a sense of achievement and performs better.

Three ways in which HR supports the line managers.

First of all the line managers are the people to whom the employees would report too. They have

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