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This report will aim to evaluate and explain what it means to be an HR Professional with using the CIPD HR Professional Map (HRPM) as the basis for the evaluation.
A - Briefly explain how the CIPD HR Professional map defines the HR profession, including gthe professional areas, the bands and the behaviours.
B – Evaluate how the 2 core professional areas, and any 2 selected behaviours uphold the concept of ‘HR professionalism’ give examples from the knowledge and activities @ band
C- Explain with related examples, why the HR professional needs to be able to manage themselves, manage groups or teams, manage upwards and manage across the organisation

CIPD Professional Map –
The CIPD HR Profession Map (HRPM) is an
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To understand the HRPM two professional areas out of the ten will be discussed along with band one and two. Band one deals with administrative, facts and information technically minded, and band two moves processes, policies and evaluates and gives solutions. The transition between Band one and Band two involves increasing knowledge and skills.
The two professional areas are the performance and reward and the learning and talent development. In the performance and reward professional area band one and two deal with the team aspects; the first band explains the way to work effectively and how to deliver within a team, whereas band two deals with the evaluation and the management of their team performances. In the learning and talent development professional area band one deals with managing training needs, research programs and sources are offered for managers and employees, processing and keeping data from learning and talent development events and keeping records of career and development plans. Band two deals with working with individual employees to understand their learning and training needs, working with learning and talent development management and employees to understand local requirements and propose delivery channels, developing trial and evaluate learning and talent development initiatives for effectiveness and supporting managers and individuals in developing realistic career plans.

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