Howard Zinn 's The United States History Essay

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Throughout A People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn goes against what standard history textbooks present about the United States. Zinn brings to light all of the terrible actions that we, as a country, have done to make this country our own. Standard history textbooks seem to highlight all of the great things that we have done and cover everything but the bad, and that is what Howard Zinn did not want to do. He wanted to bring these terrible actions out so that we, as students, could see the surprising consistencies through United States history.
In Zinn’s book he presents many small topics that seem to relate back to a larger topic. My main goal in writing this is to explain to you how he showed consistency of malevolent actions throughout United States history. Once you reach the end of the book and are able to digest all the facts that he has stated, his main topic turns out to be extremely persuasive. He touches lightly on his point in the first chapter:
Thus, in that inevitable taking of sides which comes from selection and emphasis in history, I prefer to try to tell the story of the discovery of America from the viewpoint of the Arawaks, of the Constitution from the standpoint of the slaves, of Andrew Jackson as seen by the Cherokees, of the Civil War as seen by the New York Irish, of the Mexican war as seen by the deserting soldiers of Scott’s army, of the rise of industrialism as seen by the young women in the Lowell textile mills, of the…

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