Howard Gardner 's Theory Of Multiple Intelligence Theory Essay

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The Multiple Intelligence Theory was founded by the name of a man Howard Gardner. Many people do not realize that everyone basically has this intelligence. A multitude of researchers have found ways for different intelligences. One is “using the drama method”, “making them prepared materials for the lesson”, “making them prepared models about the topic” and “making them prepare cards about the topic that will be dealt with”. Mainly, Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence is widely accepted within the field of education today but it is not without criticism. Most teacher ne to the professional have gone through their own classes being extensively exposed to the Multiple Intelligence Theory, which has basically led to being accepted in the field of education in the previous years.
There has also been a major shift in the history of education. The shift was from a traditional teacher centered approaches to learner-centered approach. For a while now, educators and principles have been so into knowledge and to give students prepared coursed. This all led to creating a lot of stereotypes with students. Effective teaching required a through understanding of the learning process, characteristics of students at different stages of development, individual differences, factors and influence motivation, and procedures for maintaining orderly classrooms. Teachers rely on this background when they make decisions about what they will teach, which points they will emphasize, and…

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