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How to Reload .45 Caliber Ammunition

When reloading ammunition, you can reload any type of ammunition ranging from a .22 to a .45 caliber bullet. In order to be able to reload your own ammunition, you need a variety of equipment that is very costly in the beginning but will pay off in the long run down the road. Nowadays, the price to make your own is a lot cheaper than a box of bullets from the gun shop. The necessary equipment that is required to start the process is 1 of 2 presses, either a turret press or progressive press. The set of dies, which comes in a set of 4, that actually reshape and place the new bullet into the casing. A powder scale that measures in grains is needed but a
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The next step doesn’t have anything to do with the press because you need the scale to measure out the right amount of gun powder. Each bullet needs exactly 4.5 grains of powder in order to properly firing right without any jams in the gun. The third step, using the bullet seeding die, takes the casing filled with gun powder and presses a bullet into it. When placing the bullet onto the casing, make sure it is on the casing as straight as possible to allow both items to be inserted into the press in a straight line. When the bullet and casing is joined, the maximum length of the bullet should not exceed 1.250 inches in length. The last step in making your own ammunition is using the factory crimp die. This die takes the already joined casing and bullet and crimps the very tip of the brass case. This allows the bullet to slide into the barrel of the firearm with no imperfections. This also serves as a ramp allowing the bullet to feed from the magazine into the barrel without causing a jam in the gun. It is very important to check the case length and that crimp using a case gauge. This will allow you to know what rounds are going to be dysfunctional in the batch that you just

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