Essay on How to Save Our Depleting World

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Matthew Chick
Language Arts
Mr Shulist
Grade 11

Language arts final exam essay We can create the most amazing, beautiful, and wonderful things ranging from arts to medical supplies, but the evil that lurks within the destructive devices which we also create will destroy everything beautiful and peaceful in a blink of an eye. We made these destructive devices. We are all humans, and it is our natural thing to survive and progress. So why then, are we creating things to make murder easier? We need to be a united world, with one thing tying us together, to survive, and to make our home a safer place for us all. Are we going to let this destructiveness represent us, the human race, or are we going to prosper among the beautiful, and
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Goals to promote sustainable development are constantly being overshadowed by our selfishness, and that is something that will hinder us all in the near future. Sustainable development cannot happen without global partnerships. Goal 17 from the UN sustainable goals is to”strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”. This is one of great importance, because this will have spill over effects other than just demonstrating sustainability, it will also promote partnerships between nations and can quite possibly settle unrests between nations. We must set up global partnerships between nations for the good of the future of the human race. Nations must put aside their selfishness, their grudges, and their guns to work together, so that they can promote and set up sustainable development programs. Nations that have created wonderful technologies will now be instilling their technologies in developing nations. When this happens it will tackle one of the major problems with global development, which is the unbalanced distribution of technologies within the world. And if nations are balanced with technologies and opportunities there will be no need for mass militaries, and there will be no competition that forces nations to deficit spend to get something that other nations have. But before nations or NGO’s jump into action there

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