How to Be Successful in Accounting Essay

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How to be Successful in Accounting
May 11th, 2015

I have chosen Accounting as my major because ever since I can remember, I always wanted to be an Accountant. My first job experience with some accounting was working in a bank as a teller. I know tellers do not do much accounting, but when I was training as a Head Teller we had to do some accounting and that’s when I realized that accounting is what I wanted to do. Till this day I am not completely sure exactly what field of accounting to go in, but it definitely has to be in accounting For example I love taxes, so I was thinking of working with the IRS, I even volunteer for an IRS program at my school. I also love Auditing, I feel like a detective in this field. At the
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Imagine you being the cause of an audit at your company, and then they find out that it was all because of a mistake you made. It is better to take it slow, double, triple check each amount before handing in that report. You need to make sure each dollar amount is where it needs to be. For example if you work in a shoe retail company and you allocate the Nike bottom dollar amount in the Converse line and vise-versa, each company will be charged the wrong amount. So you need to be very careful with each dollar amount you need to input. Another very important key point is to have strong analytical skills. You need to solve very complex problems and situations. If one of your coworkers made a mistake like the one I mentioned earlier and you are asked to find the error, you need to be like a detective. By being like a detective, you are able to find errors and to have the patience, because it might take hours or even days, depending on the size of the mistake and the company. By having strong analytical skills, you also have the maturity to work towards a goal with others. Not everyone can work together, but with your skills you can come to an agreement for everyone to work together without getting on each other’s way. Another scenario of having these skills is coming up with solutions the company needs to have profits. You need to research all the budgets in all the

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