How the Ritz-Carlton Excels in Hr Practices Essay

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The Ritz-Carlton brands itself as more than just five star luxury; it sees itself as a lifestyle brand where talent is embraced and a place of opportunity and growth (The Ritz-Carlton, 2011). Ritz-Carlton has been known since the beginning for high quality service and refined elegance which has developed over the years into contemporary luxury. The hotel chain has always strived for quality improvement, of not only its external brand, but its internal brand and puts a high value of its employees, saying, “we are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen” (Regani, 2007).
From the creation of the Ritz-Carlton name, top quality service was a priority and after Johnson Properties bought the global rights to the name Ritz- Carlton in
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Another unique aspect to the company is the concept of the daily line up and the “Monday wow”. The daily line up acts as a way for the company to reinforce its service values, Gold Standards, and objectives in order to improve its corporate culture. (Regani, 2007). This is also a way for the chain to unite as the same Gold Standard is discussed in every hotel location on a particular day. The company believes that through this method everyone team member works toward the same goal and understands the message of Ritz-Carlton (Reiss, 2009). Part of this daily line-up includes the Monday wow, where stories are shared of employees who have gone out of their way to create a special experience for a customer; the idea behind this is to motivate employees to do the very best they possibly could during their service (Regani, 2007).
Ritz- Carlton has strived to remain on top if its game regarding service excellence and in 2006 therefore started a cultural shift whereby acknowledging the changing clientele who were less homogenous that in earlier years. Ritz-Carlton decided to alter its service principles and replaced the 20 Basics with 12 Service values which focused on becoming more relevant

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