How a Psychological Measure Is Developed Pyc4807 Essay

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Table of context
1. Introduction 3
2. Steps and phases in developing a psychological measure 3
2.1 Planning phase 3
2.2 Item writing 4
2.3 Assembling and pretesting the experimental version of the measure 4
2.4 Item analysis 5
2.5 Revising and standardizing the final version of the measure 5
2.6 Technical evaluation and norms establishment
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For answers which are subjective a projective test would be necessary. Throughout the planning process it is vital one prevents bias by response set (Foxcroft & Roodt, 2009).
Item writing
The aim of the test plan is to conceptualise the condition for the measure, which are the specific content domain and the number of items to be included (Moerdyk, 2009). The type of measurement being developed would influence how the test should be written. A personality test in this case would not be written in a multiple choice question format. One should always ensure the wording is clear, to the point and appropriate for the participants involved, avoid ambiguous items and negative expressions, always focus on one topic or theme, embed the correct answer in multiple choice questions and alternative answers should be justified. When dealing with true and false questions one should ensure there are the same amount of true questions as false questions (Foxcroft & Roodt, 2009). Once the item writing phase is complete, this should be submitted for reviewing.
Assembling and pre-testing the experimental version of the measure
The next phase in the development process would be the assembling and pre-testing the experimental version of the measure. The item should be arranged in a logical manner according to the construct being measured (Foxcroft & Roodt, 2009). The test time needs to be finalised and appropriate to the test type and the test takers needs. For

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