How Writing Is Using The Phone Call With Sarah Cook Essay

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My prior understanding of how writing was utilized in the field of business was minimal. After reviewing the two academic journals Research in International Business and Finance and the Journal of Marketing and Communication, my understanding of how writing was created and used grew significantly. In addition, the phone call with Sarah Cook gave me even more insight and details in how writing was used in the business world. Prior to reading two academic journals and talking on the phone with a business professional, my understanding of the importance of writing in the profession of business was miniscule. The prior knowledge I had of how writing in the business world was created and utilized was based off of personal research. Prior to this project, I frequently read business oriented news sources; CNN and The Wall Street Journal were the two common news sources. The news articles I read had an audience of business professionals, in result, most of these articles I read were in a business professional format. A few articles I read displayed original letters between business professionals. After reading and analyzing the letters, I was able to take away important aspects of writing in the business. Formatting, grammar, language and tone were some of the areas that stuck out to me the most when I read the letters. In addition to reading news articles, I gathered a good amount of my previous knowledge from experiences I had in high school. Throughout high school I took…

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