Block Mode Experience Essay

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I am doing this course as block mode course staying in my island with my family doing a full time job to earn and at the same time studying. But is it easier than university life? When I started studying I thought it would be easy but its quit challenging to manage time equally to personal and professional as well as study life. I had to preplan my daily activity and monthly expenses to provide efficient time and money for studying. As I work to earn I plan and mange my work load to minimize work stress as it may affect my studies. Hopefully my family understands and they encourage me and support me in every way they could to help me manage my studies.
- What were the major challenges faced and how did you overcome them?
Managing time was the one of the major challenge, as I mention it’s a block mode course I have to have a daily plan to manage time equally. At first it was difficult to work according to the plan but later I revived it and change it considering the difficulties I faced in the very first
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As a result I worked on improving my writing skills by reading , writing and comparing my article with others as well as I got some help from local and expatriate teacher in my school on the other hand I took tutorials to improve math and statistic and accounting as am week in numerical. As well as I practice some past paper questions at home and I feel I am improving it as now I can do most of the questions on my own. Working with others is one of my strength so I initiate and arrange group studies to improve team work and study skills by sharing the ideas and listing others. Before I worked as a social worker so often I have to make presentation on my own so I can make presentation on my own but I search and watch business and management related presentations to improve presentation skills and to be familiar with e

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