How Will Technology Implementation Affect Arts Curriculum And The Way The Arts Are Created And Approached?

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Research Question: How will technology implementation affect Arts curricula and the way the arts are created and approached?
Technology has been a very up and coming source used in all cases of everyday life. More and more, we are finding ways that technology can take the place of a tool or way of doing something. A concerning topic is whether or not switching over to so much technology is a good thing. There is becoming more technology put into the education curricula than ever before. Now so, it is moving into the Arts. As we incorporate technology into the arts programs and curricula, how is that going to affect the way the arts are created and established throughout school courses? What will technology do in regards to how we look at artwork today and how we produce so called ‘contemporary art’? How will implementing technology into art programs and classrooms be helpful? How will students learn to appreciate the way of how art used to be produced and created before we had this source of so much advancement available to us? Today, students are going to learn more on how to create a piece of work online or on a tablet instead of with the work and use of their hands. As stated in the article of Curriculum Revolution, students are expecting to receive an education with the technology they believe comes with the price of their education. As experienced students and always-producing artists are expecting a new way to create their work throughout the courses they are…

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