How White Working Class Children Essay

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In June 2013, OFSTED carried out a report which exposed how white working class children underachieved in education. The results showed that children that were entitled to free school meals were lower performing in education at 16, only representing 31% of the group achieving 5 or more GCSE’s at A* to C grade. This statistic is of high importance and Sir Michael Wilshaw (Her Majesty’s chief inspector) explained that the size of the working class group meant that it is a major issue needs to be resolved (House of Commons, June 2014, p5). Cultural Deprivation theorists believe that basic skills and values required for Educational achievement is acquired through primary socialisation and that the working class are deprived of this socialisation. On the contrary, certain sociologists believe that education is a conspiracy where working class individuals are unable to have a true understanding of their potential and true position within society, therefore creating a divide between social classes.
Cultural deprivation starts with the lack of Intellectual Development mainly in terms of thinking and reasoning skills, this is generally explained by the material factors within a working class household. Working class children are less likely to own books and educational toys that enhance the development of basic skills that are necessary for future achievement. Bernstein and Young (1967) found that a mother’s choice of toys for their children has an impact on intellectual…

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