Essay How White Physicians Behave On Interracial Encounters

1489 Words Aug 12th, 2016 null Page
Blacks analyses of how white physicians behave in interracial encounters thus play an absolutely minimal role in American medicine’s halfhearted attempts to deal with it half-acknowledged race problem. Rather a physician isn’t consciously aware of their stereotyping or racism behavior, one could surely concur that a sensitive training should be mandated amongst all physicians even minority physician. I definitely think that the numbers are skewed when it comes to employing more black doctors in communities that are serving majority of minorities.
If in that case, a stronger observation needs to be considered when making sure that African Americans are given a fair healthcare treatment from someone that they are trusting such as their own familiarity of the physician community. My concern is that if a doctor has any type of racial consciousness or unconsciousness, are presenting those traits, would they have the desire and the willingness to want to change their behavior. To totally change stereotypes is to challenge your mind as though those negative traits of one group are no longer in existence, but to do that that, one would certainly have to desire for change. I honestly don’t think it is morally right to ignore the ongoing death tolls among African American patients and the lack of attention and ignorance displayed from American healthcare professionals. Hoping to get more writing from journalist isn’t enough to bring the attention, however going further…

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