How Well Educated One Is It Is Not As Easy As Looking At The State Mandated Test Scores

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When determining how well-educated one is, it is important to realize that it is not as easy as looking at the state mandated test scores. To effectively evaluate how knowledgeable someone is, one should also take into consideration personal knowledge gained from experiences, how developed one’s character is, as well as knowledge acquired in a traditional classroom setting. The problem is that many people only take into consideration how much is gained while in school or college, but not realizing the importance of critical thinking and analysis to fully grasp and comprehend a subject. Instead of focusing on how well-educated one is, it is beneficial to concentrate on expanding one’s education. Expanding one’s education can be done through systematic classes for a degree or as a hobby, critically analyzing and learning from personal experiences, and through personal development. It is not enough to only take into consideration what college one attended, or how well someone scored on standardized tests.
The Well-Educated Individual: How to Measure One’s Education
The meaning of a “well-educated” person is an opinion-based definition, much like asking for the definition of an inherently good person. There is no cookie-cutter, formula that will show exactly how inherently good, or how well educated, an individual is. With this said, there are ways to expand one’s education. Being educated goes above and beyond the standard thought that one who is well-educated has successfully…

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