How Weight Fast Without The Aid Diet Pills Or Exercise ! Essay

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How To Lose Weight Fast Without The Aid Diet Pills Or Exercise!

Would you say what most people would consider being a "Large girl?". My partner back in September 2014 weighed around 185 pounds, which is quite overweight for a woman of her height. She wasn’t always this weight though! The problems began with her father passing away 5 years ago. On top of that it was around the same time she had to go into surgery because her back went!

All the years of picking up children took it`s toll and suddenly she was out of action. Being a "Nanny" was her job title and looked after children. The surgery was a success but it kept her out of work for some considerable time. 6 months went passed, then she had a bombshell! Her employers had to get rid of her. So, she was out of work now.

In this period of being unemployed and also the heartache of losing her father, she piled on the pounds! What an unlucky life story it was turning out to be. She also had scans on the brain because she started with aches and pains in her arms, hands and feet, also had recurring bouts of lethargic-ness, being tired all the time - Not being able to focus straight. The doctors diagnosed her with MS (Plaque on the brain).

What was she going to do? We decided to solve the problems ourselves with a very good talk, we planned to take one step at a time and combat what life had thrown at her!
There was nothing she could do about her father suffering all them years and eventually passing away but the rest we…

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