How We First Encounter Death Dramatically Impacted Our Attitudes Towards Death And Dying

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How we first encounter death substantially impacts our attitudes towards death and dying. As the authors of our text (Lynne Anne DeSpelder and Albert Lee Strickland) say in the preface “…the person who sets out to increase his or her knowledge of death and dying is embarking on an exploration that is partly a journey of personal discovery.” Subsequently, this part of the journey that includes personal discovery encompasses reflecting on our first experiences with death. Who passed? How close were we to that person or animal? How did they die? How did others react to the death? What happens to the body? Thus, these are just some questions that I find paramount to ask myself in how I first conducted my thoughts and feelings about death and dying. With this in mind, I began thinking back to my childhood. When I was four years old, my parents surprised my brother and me with a German shepherd puppy we named Sparky and a brown rabbit we named Fluffy. Our animals were excellent distractions while my family moved out of an apartment and into our first home. My brother and I would play with them and the animals were best of friends, too! Fluffy would climb her way up Sparky’s back and Sparky would patiently lay down until Fluffy was ready to come down. They would lick one another, walk around the house together, and even cuddle up to fall asleep together. They were completely inseparable and superbly unconventional animal friends. By the time I was six, my…

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