How Water Can Be Low On Water Essay

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Water is required by everything that is alive without water everything would die depending on their health at that moment. In different places of the world water is scarce.for example, California is having a drought and the water there is not usable or scarce. In other countries, water is either scarce because of the weather or dirty and undrinkable. Different countries around the world seem to ignore that there is an issue. One day the planet will be low on water and we will need to learn how to conserve it. We cannot ignore an issue that will affect you as an individual.

Conserving water can be easy once you know how to do it. The very first thing you can do is to identify where water is being leaked or where a lot of water is being drained. One day if you repeatedly keep discovering water appearing around a water system there might be an issue with that water system. Every year 526 gallons of water is wasted per year. Finding the water can be tough so the first step you have to take is study or watch the areas that you notice is where a little water is reappearing every so often. One test to see if a specific area where water is being drained is that you can place a bucket in an area where the water would be collected, so that you’d be able to see if water is being drained from that place or not.

The second step is about fixing the leak or conserving the water. The areas that water can leak from is pipes, sprinklers, sinks, etc. The repair of the problem is different…

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