Essay on How Video Marketing Will Increase Revenue For Your Business

744 Words Sep 15th, 2015 3 Pages
In today’s crowded marketplace, the power belongs to the customer. They want engaging, personalized content to help inform their purchasing decisions.

Online video for your business or organization’s website and social media presence represents the fastest and most effective way to separate yourself from competitors and attract more customers. With the rise of affordable HD production equipment and giant video and social platforms, now is the time to invest in video content.

Here are four major ways that video marketing will increase revenue for your business.

1. Drive More Traffic to Your Website
SEO keywords alone are no longer enough to rank highly on search engines. Google now strongly measures the relevance, informativeness and uniqueness of a website’s content – less about words, more about value.

Quality video with a relevant description and meta-tags is the #1 type of content Google values. Integrating business videos, testimonials, and/or educational videos into your company website will produce a measurable increase in SEO ranking and therefore new customers.

In addition, videos are the most shared type of content on social media. These social shares increase the visibility of your business and can be utilized for Facebook ad campaigns. They also create backlinks to your website, powerful signals to Google that you have a high quality site.

2. Establish A Deeper Connection with Your Customers
Customers have so many choices for products and services in today’s…

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