How UPS Delivers Objective Performance Appraisals Essay example

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Individual Case Study #3
“How UPS Delivers Objective Performance Appraisals”

Executive Summary:
In the analysis below you will read about UPS and how they deliver objective performance appraisals. You will gain an understanding of how the implementation of PDAs has standardized their evaluation process. It will further explain why UPS is not a people-centered company, how they incorporate the critical incidents appraisal technique, the legally defensibility of their evaluation program, how they don’t cross the thin line between supervision and “snoopervision” and what they can do to improve their driver evaluation program.
For the United Parcel Service (UPS) determining if objectivity is accurately being
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To avoid legal action when evaluating an employee’s performance according to (Kreitner & Cassidy, 2008) on page 280 employers need to base their appraisal systems on the following four criteria, job analysis, behavior oriented, specific written instructions, and reviewed results. UPS with the implementation of PDAs has clearly satisfied these requirements. Preloaded software has turned the evaluation process into a standard procedure while identifying and outlining the specific tasks and skills required for an employee to be successful. A series of checklists describing in detail the employee’s duties give supervisors the ability to objectively rate individual performance no matter who is giving the evaluation or where it is taking place. During an evaluation if an employee is not following procedures supervisors have the ability to show them in the field the proper way it needs to be done. After the evaluation the supervisor has everything needed to give direct feedback and suggestions to the employee so they have a clear understanding of how they are doing and how performance can be improved.
Snoopervision is a management style involving spying and intrusive practices. With this definition in mind UPS does not cross the thin line between supervision and snoopervision. Ride-alongs by

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